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Check out these resources that we've compiled that make the job-hunting process easy!

The Key to Success is Being Uncomfortable at Work

By now you are probably familiar with the adage: the real magic happens outside of your comfort zone. The implication is that you need to experiment and step outside of your traditional viewpoint in order to make real progress; staying inside your comfort zone is a one-way ticket to averageness. How much truth is there… Read More

Stand-By Personnel, a 21st Century Staffing Agency

Stand-By Personnel, a 21st Century Staffing Agency When one of our Stand-By Personnel staff members is talking to an individual, too often we hear, “I thought you guys just hired labor and welding people?” or “Yes, I know Stand-By Personnel. You have a Day Labor, and you put homeless people out on jobs.” While this… Read More

Getting Out of a Work Rut

Have you ever felt stuck at work? Stuck as in showing up and doing the same thing every single day, like clockwork? Or, stuck as in having no motivation to do whatever project is tossed your way?  Getting stuck often comes with feelings of frustration or a lack of purpose or responsibility. Feeling motivated and… Read More

How to Work Your Way Into a Promotion

In recent posts, we detailed some of the signs that you are ready for a new challenge and some of the ways that you can make that career change. These mostly involved leaving your current role for something that is a better fit for your desires, but perhaps you like your current employer and would… Read More

Improving Communication at Work

Working with teams is a necessary part of work. It is necessary to provide high quality products and services, maintain a safe working environment and lead the company into bigger and better deals. On a personal level, being able to communicate with coworkers is essential to leading a happy work-life balance.  However, communicating with teams is a stressor for many people. Many people struggle to communicate while working on projects or they stick to the minimum amount of communication required to get through the day. … Read More

When Taking a Pay Cut is Actually Worth It

Okay, so you have decided that you are ready for a new opportunity. Maybe you are coming out of unemployment or perhaps you are leaving a different job. In either case, pay will certainly be a major factor in your decision about a new job.  Generally, as you progress through your career and pick up… Read More

Networking for Blue Collar Workers

What does it mean to network? The term is used so often and it is taken for granted that people actually know what it means, much less how it is supposed to help them. For blue collar workers? Forget about it: networking is not going to help my career. Wrong! Although networking is often synonymous… Read More

How To De-stress From Work

We get it! Work can be stressful; even if you love your job, work can become a bit too much from time to time. A busy life outside of work can only make things worse. In a recent blog post we explained how stressful work can affect you and now we want to share a… Read More

How to Handle a Major Career Change

Intimidation or fear might be one of the first things that pops into your head when it comes to a change in career. Although negative notions follow your feelings of intimidation and fear with doubt, you need to look at the bigger picture and think outside of the negativity. Maybe, your schedule is hectic, or… Read More

Become a Better Co-Worker

You know what it is like to work with someone you do not enjoy. Someone who is mean and a bully or someone who is too friendly and annoying, working with either one can take a toll on your work life. Generally speaking, the ideal coworker is someone who you can see yourself hanging out… Read More