You are on the job hunt, and your resume caught the eye of an employer. You are so excited when they call you to set up an interview. Here’s the catch rather than an invitation to the office or workplace, you are being asked to interview virtually over zoom. 

Although this is very different from an in-person interview, standard rules still apply. It is still important that you treat this interview just as if you were going into the office. We have gathered the most beneficial tips for your upcoming zoom interviews. These tips may seem minor but when put to practice, they will make you stand out as a top candidate. 

Practice using Zoom

Whether you are familiar with zoom’s platform or not, it is always best to mess around with it a bit. You do not want to be caught looking closely into your screen saying “hold on one second let me just see where my share screen is”. You want to go into the interview just as prepared with zoom as you are to answer questions. 

Use a laptop or computer rather than a phone 

Although zoom is offered through cellular devices, it is better to use it on a computer or laptop. Your computer or laptop’s camera is able to show a better view of you for your interviewer to see. It also allows you to set your computer or laptop up rather than holding your phone which could cause your camera to shake or a glitch. 

Charge your laptop

The last thing you want to happen during a zoom interview is for your laptop to die. It may be best to choose a spot that has an outlet nearby. This will allow you to charge your laptop throughout the interview duration to make sure there is not an issue with the battery. 

Update your laptop

It seems that update notifications come at the worst times- middle of presentations, during a video call, in the middle of a blog read. To try and avoid this especially during an interview zoom meeting, it is best to check your updates prior to any meetings. 

Find a good internet connection

Before your interview, make sure to check that your internet connection is strong. Whichever room you choose to be in, make sure zoom has a solid connection in this location. Practicing by making other zoom calls prior to your interview will give you the opportunity to see where connection may be weaker or stronger. 

Turn off notifications 

You want your full attention to be on your interviewer and the discussion you are having. When notifications pop up on your screen, your attention immediately is gone. To prevent this, make sure to have all notifications off or on do not disturb. 

Check your time zone

This one may seem silly, but it is always important to check the time zone of your zoom interview meeting. There is nothing worse than thinking your interview is at 2:00 in the afternoon when it was actually set for 1:00. 

Make a cheat sheet

You should use your interview space to your advantage. Whether it be a reminder, some inspiration, or questions you’d like to ask, using post-it notes can be helpful to remind you of these things throughout your interview. The interviewer will never know. 

Communicate with your household  

If you live with other people, it is best to let them know when and where you will be interviewing. It would be ideal for these people to be in another room and keep a low volume. Any outside distractions will take your focus away from the interview. 

Keep your screen clear

In the event that the interviewer requests you to share something on your screen, you want to make sure it is clear and presentable. You do not want any unprofessional tabs of any sort opened and on display. This can also make zoom run slower. Make sure all your tabs that are not needed are closed out. 

Choose a professional space

When choosing where to be located for your zoom interview meeting, you want to make sure of a few things. First, your background should be professional. A neutral wall would be the best option. You do not want any inappropriate posters or images showing behind you. Second, you want your space to be quiet. It is best to choose a smaller room rather than a living room or dining room where there may be other movement. Third, you want your room to be brightly lit. You want to make sure your interviewer does not have any issues seeing you. Avoid sitting in a room that is dark. Lastly, choose a smaller chair to encourage you to sit up. When sitting in a big lounge chair, it is easier to slouch down and get comfy. You want to make sure you are engaged with your interviewer. 

Look into the camera while speaking

Looking into the eyes of your interviewer shows your confidence. Although a bit hard when interviewing through zoom, it can still be done. It may seem like you need to look at their eyes on your screen, but this may not look like that on their end. It is important to look into your computer or laptop’s camera when you are speaking with them. 

Dress professionally

Just like any interview, it is important to dress professionally. This is your interviewer’s first look at you. If you dress down for an interview they will believe you to dress even worse for a regular workday. You want to make a first good impression and that starts with showing your professionalism through your choice of clothing. 

Ask the interviewer questions

Always ask your interviewers questions. It is important that throughout the interview you take notes on topics the interviewer may have already covered so you do not ask a question they have already answered. You want to show your interest in the position and by asking questions you display that. 


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