For most people, summertime is the avenue for them to throw off their clothes, throw on some sunscreen, and lounge by a pool or the beach. Yes, this seems like an interesting thing to do; however, you will probably be stuck on a construction site all summer if you are reading this. 

The reason why this becomes more torturous is the fact that most workers have to wear heavy and protective gear for their safety. We understand the diligent work of working construction and how the heat can be unbearable as the body undergoes stress from exerting so much energy. This is why we have written this post specifically for you. 

The tips for staying hydrated and rested in the summer heat discussed are sure to help make the summer heat bearable. We would look at a trick to reduce exertion on the body, thereby slowing down the rate at which the body loses water. 

Drink Lots Of Water

One of the most important ways to stay rested during the summer and help your body handle extreme conditions is by staying hydrated. These conditions can result in the body losing fluids which can cause excessive sweating and dehydration. 

The best way to keep this in check is always to stay hydrated. Water is one of the best hydrants that your body needs at this point as it balances your body temperature and keeps you refreshed.

If Possible, Dress Lightly 

Yes, we understand that your job requires that you protect yourself, but the summer heat can also be another job hazard. So if possible, you can try to wear light clothing, especially for those who work on the field, and wear a fez cap to keep the sun away from your face. 

Since the skin tends to lose bodily fluids under heat or exertion, light clothing would do just fine and keep you a bit protected from the heat and the sun rays.

Take Breaks 

You don’t have to do it all at once, as that can lead to severe complications under the summer sun, so you should try as much as possible to take short breaks while working. You can find an excellent shade and try to relax and reduce your overall body temperature so that you are almost in optimal conditions when you get back out there.

If You Can Spritz Then Do It

The summer sun isn’t friendly to the skin, and it requires the worship of a coolant such as water to regulate your temperature. So whenever you get the chance to have a quick spritz, take it. This allows you to stay cool and refreshed before you get back to some energy-exerting activities.

Start Early

Most times, the sun gets to its peak at around noon, where the temperature is at its peak, and working under it can be uncomfortable. So if it is possible to start early and get the majority of the work done before midday, then you might have a way to beat the harsh conditions. Also, work later in the evening gives you the advantage of more daylight and a cooler experience.

Ice Buckets Can Do The Trick

You could have an ice bucket somewhere on the site, which will assure you that you are a few feet away from the soothing chill of cold water. As the day progress, most of the ice would melt off, but you still have the chance to dampen your towels or a few cold splashes on your skin, which could make a lot of difference. 

Use Sunscreen

Don’t let anyone make you feel like sunscreen is for sissy because its functionality supersedes other’s opinions. The purpose is to keep you protected from the harsh conditions of the sun and keep your skin in optimal condition. Burns tend to happen due to overexposure to the sun, and continual reapplication of the sunscreen would keep you safe.

Watch Your Meals

Meals are also essential to make your work schedule conducive and less exhausting; however, deciding on the meal you eat during work is vital. Most people make the mistake of eating heavy and makes them uncomfortable while working. So it’s better you lunch on light meals as it is best for your metabolism. 

Notice Symptoms For Heat Illness

Heat illness is a hazardous issue most people ignore when working, as they often associate it with exhaustion. However, what is mainly needed is sometimes to take slight breaks to put your body back in great condition and allow you to get back to work. Once you notice you are getting weak and tired while working and can’t find any sign of sweat, then you might already be experiencing heat illness.

Make Use of Industrial Fans and AC

For those who work in enclosed workspaces, try to have fans and air conditioners around to help ease the heat. The air conditioning and fan would be a source of cooling and evaporating the sweat discharged while working.

Cooling Vest Can Be Helpful

The cooling vest is a technology that is helpful to cool down the body, and this has become widely accepted by construction and blue-collar workers worldwide. The cooling vest, which has a chemical cold pack placed strategically in the vest, helps cool the wearer and gives them a great working experience.

In conclusion, summertime can be stressful, but if you make use of these tips provided and follow them diligently, you would be able to work and avoid dehydration and heat illnesses. We understand that some working conditions may not be comfortable due to the heat, but a well-prepared day will save you the discomfort.


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