Whether you’re out of work because of Coronavirus, have had your hours reduced, or are simply looking to earn a little extra cash, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to find a temporary job. There are plenty of employers out there looking to connect with temporary workers, and there’s no better time than the present to start looking for that ideal temp job. Of course, now more than ever, the demand for temporary jobs is high, with people unemployed or losing hours, finding a good temporary job can make a crucial difference. And the best news? A temp job doesn’t have to be a bad job. In fact, there are plenty of options out there that are not only fulfilling, but also pay well and help you make ends meet.

How to Hunt for a Temporary Job

If you’re in the market for a temporary job, you can try looking online for job postings or asking others within your network if they know of anywhere that is hiring. However, the easiest and more proficient way of landing a good temp job is to work with a staffing agency. There are numerous benefits to connecting with a good staffing agency. They will have the ability to market you and your skillset to a variety of different potential employers, increasing the chances that you’ll land a great job. They’ll also be a helpful resource when it comes to finding the ideal job for you.

So, if you think a temporary job is right for you, take a look at this list of the best temporary jobs that are hiring right now!

Truck Driver

Being a temporary truck driver can pay very well, and is a great job if you prefer to work more individually. You may be required to drive long distances, and you will need to have a clean driving record and valid driver’s license (and a special license will be required for driving trucks over a certain weight limit).


Warehouse Associate

With such a massive influx in online ordering, there are plenty of warehouses out there looking for extra helping hands. You might be responsible for things such as taking inventory, processing orders, and fulfilling purchases. It should be noted that these jobs typically require workers to be able to stand for long periods of time. If you have experience operating forklifts or heavy machinery, this could be a fantastic temporary job opportunity for you.

Construction Workers

This is a brilliant option for those interested in a blue-collar job. Construction work requires manual labor but can be a very well-paying opportunity. If you enjoy physical work or have any previous experience related to construction, this is the ideal temporary job for you.

Maintenance and Repair

Another good option for those more interested in a blue-collar working environment, there’s always a high demand for maintenance and repair workers. Jobs could vary from working in apartment buildings to electrical work or helping with machinery. Typically, these jobs will require some sort of previous experience.

Customer Service Representative

If you have strong communication, interpersonal skills, and work well with all types of different people, this could be a fantastic job for you. In most cases, you don’t need to have any sort of previous training or certifications, although a highschool GED might be preferable. This is also a fantastic job opportunity for those who are bi-lingual or speak multiple languages fluently. 

Home Health Aide

Home Health Aides are responsible for visiting home patients who made need some extra assistance with daily tasks. If you work well with people and enjoy giving back or helping others, this job can not only pay well but be extremely rewarding. A home health aide will typically be responsible for things like bathing and dressing clients, preparing meals, shopping for groceries, and doing some basic household chores.

Office Clerk or Receptionist

If you’re well-organized or have good clerical skills, office work could be a good way to earn a little extra income. Some interpersonal communication skills are necessary since you’ll probably have to answer phones and greet clients. These jobs also tend to be better suited to those with strong written skills.

Computer Programmers

This is one for those who have some previous experience or training but are looking to use their skills to earn a little extra cash. Computer Programming does require skills and knowledge, but if you already know your way around a computer, you can earn a hefty paycheck as a temporary programmer. 

No matter your previous experience, schooling, or skill sets, there’s a temporary job out there for everyone. With the added benefits that come from working closely with a staffing agency, there’s no reason why you can’t find the perfect temporary job to help you earn a little extra cash.


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