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Many times in the past we applied for jobs we saw and thought we are meeting all the requirements, having all the skills they are asking for, and yet end up being turned down. We sit there and wonder ‘but why? I have the skills, I meet the requirements, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma…’ Sometimes, we never even hear back from the companies we apply for, and would like to know how so. But here is the thing we often time completely miss and overlook: the first impression we leave is what matters the most. Whether it is through an email, social media, or in person. Allow me to give you a small “guide” or simple walkthrough on how to write a good resume and cover letter today.


What a good resume looks like:
When applying for a job in Tulsa, Oklahoma, leaving a resume is always a great option, and the way the resume looks matters. In order for a resume to look good, it is important to not have any grammatical errors, to be very organized, to have past experiences and past jobs listed on there, and yet not to clutter it all up. Listing jobs where only worked at for a short amount of time, make it look like we don’t stay at jobs for very long. So where is the balance in all this? How is this all done in order to leave a good first impression? The resume is what either capture or turns away the employer’s attention… That’s why it is so important to be done in a professional way. Employers in Tulsa, Oklahoma read so much more through a person’s resume than just what is listed on it. It is a marketing tool, and advertising tool used to market yourself to another person. So ask yourself, if this would be a commercial, would it capture the attention needed and wanted of another person? You want to make sure you let the employer know about what makes you unique, outstanding, and give them more reason to want you in the company, and why they should hire you.


Stand By Personnel


What should be listed on a resume:

  • Name
  • Address
  • The best phone number to reach you out
  • An email address is always good to include as well
  • A short summary of key experiences and strengths or skills (that is relevant for that specific position applied for) in order for an employer to see what is being brought to the table all at a short glance.
  • Past work experience – anything that is relevant to the job you’re applying for needs to be mentioned. Here is where it’s important to be specific, but not clutter it all up. It’s always great to mention the time frame of the past job, the position title, the name of the company, and then a short summary of what was done at that position. It’s always great when there aren’t any major gaps between jobs, but it doesn’t look too good on a resume when jobs have been switched every two to three months. How to explain a gap in your resume.
  • The specific skills, unique accomplishments, and areas of expertise that these particular jobs have brought you

The resume is what makes a person stand out from the rest of the crowd that applies for the same position, so the more outstanding it is, the greater the chance to be picked for the job. In Tulsa, Oklahoma it never hurts to mention the education, additional training accomplished, and certifications that have been received over time. And if it is relevant to the job, it’s great to list volunteer work, awards, and leadership positions.


Stand By Personnel


Things that can make you stand out from the rest of the crowd applying for the same position:

  • The design of the resume. It’s what the recruiters notice first before they check any of the lettering and writing on the resume. That’s why it matters to pick a big enough font size and make sure to pick a clearly readable font style, don’t clutter or overcrowd the page, and make sure it’s consistent.
  • The length of the resume. Even if there is lots of work experience in the past, it is optimal to keep the resume no longer than two pages long. Keep in mind, the purpose of the resume is to capture a recruiter’s attention. Once being invited for an interview, a person can always be more detailed and go deeper into each point made in the resume during the interview. So keep it short… short sentences, bullet points, and such that provide great information to why you are a great candidate for the position applying for.
  • Matching titles, and headings. What also helps standing out is using matching titles, and headings to the jobs you are looking to get. What many people don’t realize is that when an employer first gets a resume, he or she only glances at it for five to ten seconds, and makes a choice within that short time whether they want to look deeper into it, or trash it then and there, so it’s important to grasp their attention within that short amount of time.
  • Matching the employers’ needs. Something else that makes a person stand out is if the resume matches the employer’s needs. It’s important not to just send a general resume to every job applied for, but rather tweak it a little bit for each individual employer, matching what they’re looking for. Here is one way that can be done: read the job summary of what the employer looks for, and then match some of the past experiences’ bullet points what that summary describes.

For more advice on what a good resume looks like, check out this article by TopResume.


Stand By Personnel


The Cover Letter:
Here is the thing that many people underestimate: the power of the cover letter. Oftentimes jobs in Tulsa, Oklahoma don’t ask or require a cover letter any longer. However, a cover letter is an excellent addition to the resume that can help convince a person being the best candidate for a job. A cover letter is a resume’s “right-hand man”. The cover letter allows a person to talk about specific skills, and past experiences related to the job applying for in a much deeper way than a resume does. It is also something that gives the employer or recruiter an idea of the person’s written communication skills. Of course, at first a recruiter might only glance over it, that’s why it’s important to make it stand out, and here is how: Make it look like a professional letter.

  • Write it directly to the person who is in charge of hiring at that company. This might take a little time to research and invest time into finding out who that person is, but it will pay off, in the end, doing the extra work to find that answer.
    It always looks great when it’s addressed in a respectful way with a ‘Mr.’, ‘Mrs.’, or whatever the title is that matches the person it is being sent to.
  • When writing the body of the letter, a good length is to keep it within two to three paragraphs. In those paragraphs, show that you know something about the company, the industry, and the job applying for.
    Mention the position you are applying for, and how you heard about the position, especially if it is a connection within the company.
  • Tell them why interested in that specific position you are applying for. In the body, tell the employer what qualifies you for that position, and point out how it matches their requirements they are asking for.
  • Make sure when closing the letter to mention the attached resume you are sending with it, and that you are available for an interview. Close it in a respectful, grateful way, such as: ‘Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.’ Something in that direction.
  • Last but not least, can’t mention it often enough; make sure it is being proofread. It is best to have another person, maybe even two or three people, looking over it before submitting it. Resumes and cover letters without typos and grammatical errors in Tulsa, Oklahoma always look great. Another person can point out things such as typos, as well as point out things that don’t make sense, what needs to be changed or fixed and give you their opinion overall. Again, understand that an employer or recruiter in Tulsa, Oklahoma looking over your resume and cover letter is the first impression you leave on them, and you always want it to be an excellent first impression if really want the job you are applying for.

If you are in the market for a new job, consider working with an experienced staffing agency to find and secure your next position. Contact Stand-By Personnel today to schedule your initial consultation with us, during which we can assess your skills and experience to determine the ideal fit for your career.

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