Awesome place to get a welding job! I moved here in 2004, and I didn’t have any idea where to start looking to find a job. I got a referral from someone who told me to go to Stand-By Personnel. Since then, when I need a job, I go through this company. This is one… Read More

I have been a big fan of Stand-By Personnel over the past few years. Stand-By Personnel has placed me in two different welding positions that I really liked. What brought me to Stand-By Personnel? Well, it was mostly because when I went to other staffing companies, I would go in, fill out their application, and… Read More

Stand-By Personnel has an awesome team of workers ready to assist you. If you have experience in certain skills or have a trade that you are confident in, Stand-By Personnel will work hard to place you in a position where you can show others your full potential, and what you are capable of doing. They… Read More