No offense or No disrespect but.

A conversation that is started with condescending words such as No Offense or No Disrespect, it signifies that you do not respect the other person’s point of view.  Immediately the person will change to defensive mode and more than likely will not hear the conversation objectively.


I do not have time for this

Being dismissive can be hurtful. If you tend to respond by saying you are too busy or that you do not have time it signals to the other person that they are not a priority. If you express that you do not have time for something it can silence members of the team and prevent members from admitting their mistakes.


What X is trying to say is.
Rephrasing a coworker’s statement does not move the conversation forward. In fact, it can make them jump to the conclusion that the person who rephrases the statement thinks they are inarticulate or stupid.


You look young for, or You are so Eloquent for a
Conveying that you think someone looks too young for a task or job can suggest that you do not find the person appropriate or efficient in their job duties.  Saying that you are so Eloquent for someone your age signifies that you are judging them based on your opinion of what you think they should be doing.


I did not mean it like that.
Allowing yourself to use the phrase I did not mean it like that can often be unintentional but can reveal unconscious bias about a person or their capabilities.  Before you speak ask yourself if your comment is going productive and will benefit the conversation.


Nobody else told me about it or You take things too personally.
Disempowering comments like Nobody else told me about it can send a message that their information might not be relevant. Taking things too seriously can diminish a coworker’s feelings.


Once these phrases are spoken, they can cause coworkers to stop talking to one another. Communication breaks down, and mistakes are more likely to happen. Everyone is more nervous, and tensions rise.

Making sure to recognize everyone’s words and needs met are the most effective ways to maintain trust and communication in the workplace.  In turn, employees will be more apt to share their ideas, admit their faults, and learn from others.


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