Seven Deadly Sins of the Workplace

There are seven deadly sins that will get in your way if you are not aware of them.


It is never appropriate to be disrespectful with your coworkers regardless of interpersonal conflict, exhaustion, deadlines, or skipping lunches.


Are you envious of coworker’s achievements?  Resisting envy is difficult and it forces you to identify your own shortcomings.  Highly successful people are often competitive.   Competitiveness can be a powerful source of ambition and even self-doubt. It is important to admire your peers’ successes, this can allow you to focus on your own potential.


Knowing how to ask for help or delegate tasks prevents damaging behavior that results in tasks that are not done correctly and on time.


Valuable employees master time management, work efficiently, and practice self-discipline.  Motivate yourself at work, set realistic deadlines and goals.  Complete tasks you dislike intermittently with tasks that you enjoy.


Sharing and giving credit to your coworkers is a sign of a mature employee.  Focus on the good of the company and not personal advancement. Giving your time to help other employees shows that you can be a leader.


Lusting after more money or other jobs within the company is natural.  You cannot lose focus of the here and now.  The primary focus should be on doing your job well.  Being rewarded for working hard and paying your dues can be very satisfying. Making sure to be mindful of opportunities that present themselves along the way.


Always take pride in your work and accomplishments.  Do not, allow your pride to prevent you from accepting constructive criticism.  Using feedback is a good way to improve the quality of future work.   Having humility can earn trust and respect in the workplace.

Keep your emotions in control, preventing you from committing any of the deadly sins, it is important to know your limits.