No matter what you do, it is always important to take some time to sit back and reflect. Reflect on all the good and the bad, all the lessons and failures you have experienced. Millions of people recently did just this; they sat back and reflected on the past year. A new year has always symbolized a turning point for many people, a time to get a fresh start on all their new goals. However, it is no secret that most of those people will fault on their new year’s resolutions sooner than later. Why does this happen and how can you avoid it so you accomplish all your goals?

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First, it’s important to note the importance of not just creating a New Year’s resolution, but setting the right resolution. According to Inc. the most common resolutions involve health, money management, personal development and career development. It is easy for anyone to sit at their computer or their notepad and say they want to live healthier, invest more, read more or get a new job but executing is hard. While these are great goals to have, they often lack an actionable plan. Creating goals that are actionable will help you succeed.


There are a variety of other mistakes with goal setting in Tulsa,  Oklahoma and elsewhere, but some of the more notable are:


  • Setting unrealistic goals
  • Having too many goals
  • Being too vague about your goals


Time is an important factor that can help you avoid these mistakes. Living healthier is a wish; Working out 5 times a week and making healthy meals 6 days a week is a goal. Investing more money is a wish; Investing $100 from your paycheck each week is a goal.


The difference is setting a timeframe – in both cases they are weekly goals, but in your case they may be monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly. A timeframe sets a clear due date making it more difficult to exaggerate or quit on your goals.

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Having too many goals is another major problem that destroys goal setters in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The right amount of goals or resolutions will vary for each person, so it is important to know what you can handle in a week, month and year. Setting too many goals will drain you mentally and physically and is a recipe for disaster.


Our tip: start slow and work your way up to more goals. If you can’t handle one goal, then why set 10 new year’s resolutions?


An article from Harvard Health points out two more ways you can make sure you accomplish all your goals in 2019: reward yourself and take time to reflect on your progress.


Don’t wait until you fully accomplish your goal to start rewarding yourself. This goes hand in hand with breaking down your major goals. Breaking down your major goal and celebrating those minor victories will keep you motivated. Believe it or not, there is actually an app for just this. The ‘Attaboy’ app will fill you encouragement whenever you may need it!


These minor victories are also a great place to sit back and reflect on your progress. Taking time to set your goals for the new year is important; Equally important is taking a little time each month to track your progress. Your goals and subtasks are not set in stone; they are flexible. Taking to reflect can help you see where you can improve and where you are excelling. It allows you to add new goals or change the time frame to keep the focus clear.


Our tip: do not set goals you know you will not accomplish. Setting such goals may give you motivation, but they ultimately hurt you because you will view them as failures.

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Make sure your goals are clear, realistic and actionable! Do not set too many goals and do not forget to reflect every now and again to track your progress.

If focusing on your career is a goal of yours in 2019, consider working with an experienced staffing agency to find and secure your next position. Contact Stand-by Personnel in Tulsa, Oklahoma today to schedule your initial consultation with us, during which we can assess your skills and experience to determine the ideal fit for your career.