Intimidation or fear might be one of the first things that pops into your head when it comes to a change in career. Although negative notions follow your feelings of intimidation and fear with doubt, you need to look at the bigger picture and think outside of the negativity. Maybe, your schedule is hectic, or… Read More

You know what it is like to work with someone you do not enjoy. Someone who is mean and a bully or someone who is too friendly and annoying, working with either one can take a toll on your work life. Generally speaking, the ideal coworker is someone who you can see yourself hanging out… Read More

If you want to see the company you work for to succeed, it is important to identify strong leaders or learn the traits to become one yourself. Strong leaders do more than good work; they are able to rally their coworkers around them and motivate them to constantly improve their quality of work. While many… Read More

Work certainly takes its toll on you physically. You show up and put the work in each and every day. You are sore, tired and perhaps even injured, but you push through. If you love your job then you probably enjoy the grind. But are you aware of the extra physical tolls work can place… Read More

Listen, we have all had a boss we do not necessarily get along with. Tough bosses are both good and bad, but it is not always obvious to tell the difference between a tough boss and a bully. No one wants to work for or with a bully; spending 40+ hours per week with such… Read More

Success comes with its failures, but it is often those failures that propel success. Everyone will experience rejection in their life: perhaps rejection from your dream college, rejection from the perfect job or rejection from a loan for a new house or car. We have all been there or we will all be there at… Read More

A job is better than no job, but at the same time being happy in your job is better than being miserable at work. There is a saying that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. The more you work, the more likely you are to realize… Read More

No employer can bar you from working during your pregnancy. As a pregnant individual, you have the right to seek work, start a new job, and work for as long as you are comfortable working before your due date. In the time between conception and your child’s birth, your body will change in new, often… Read More

  Staffing agencies have risen in popularity over recent years. A strong economy, increasing demand for jobs and the necessity for talented workers have led to improved relationships between employers and staffing agencies across the US. Whether you are looking to re-enter the workforce, switch careers or pick up some temporary gigs, the first question… Read More

Your workplace should always have a first aid kit readily available. If anybody is injured in the workplace, he or she should receive first aid as soon as possible. Then, the victim or an advocate for him or her should ensure that he or she receives professional medical attention and that the accident is reported… Read More