Trying to find a job is stressful, period. It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in or how much experience you have, job hunting is never an easy process. If you’ve spent countless hours trying to get hired and have read every piece of advice out there on the best ways to make yourself stand out, you’re not alone.

However, not everything you read about searching for a job is true. There are some commonly misconstrued aspects of searching for a job that could be hindering your progress. Here are some myths about job hunting that you should be aware of.

Your Private Life is Private

To an extent, sure, your private life is and should be separate from your work life. However, with social media playing such a huge role in everyone’s lives these days, you should always be very aware of what potential employers can find out about you on the internet. Don’t forget, digging up dirt is easy, a simple Google search for your name will usually expose any of your social media accounts (creepy, right?) 

Now, you might be thinking no one is going to have the time to Google their job candidates, but you would be completely wrong. It’s not uncommon for employers these days to snoop through the social media accounts of anyone who applies for a position. This doesn’t mean you can’t have social media, it simply means you need to be hypervigilant when it comes to what you post. Stay away from anything inappropriate, and avoiding political talk or controversial topics is also advisable. 

You Can Do it All Alone

Nobody really likes to admit that they might need a helping hand when it comes to finding a job. Typically, this is a journey that is embarked upon solo, but it doesn’t need to be. Undertaking the job hunting process alone is a mistake all too many people make. There are loads of resources out there to help you track down the perfect position and improve your chances of landing it. This is particularly important if you’ve been searching for a job for longer than you anticipated.

Network with former coworkers and reach out to old supervisors with whom you had a good relationship. If no one knows you’re searching for a job, they’re not going to refer you for one! Lastly, you can enlist the help of a staffing agency, a step that can take some serious pressure off your job search. 

You Don’t Need to Market Yourself

These days, so much of life is about how well you can sell your best traits to other people. Think about it, we spend our days posting photos on social media or worrying about how we come across to others. Sometimes this might be a negative thing, but if you’re trying to land a job, marketing yourself is critical! Too many people miss out on opportunities or unnecessarily extend the amount of time it takes to get hired simply because they think all they need to do is apply and wait. 

Remember, when you submit a job application the chances are you certainly aren’t the only one doing so! It’s a myth that if you apply for a job that you’re qualified and experienced enough to do, you’re likely to land it. Wrong! Your resume alone, no matter how impressive, isn’t going to guarantee you the position. You need to do some marketing! First, make sure your resume is unique, professional, and highlights your most favorable attributes. Always dress well and professionally, first impressions certainly matter when it comes to landing a job. Lastly, stand out in the interview; speak confidently, and show some personality! 

Interviews Are for Answering Questions, Not Asking Them

You’ve worked hard to find a job and it’s paid off; you’ve finally landed an interview. Great! Now all you have to do is nail it and you’re home free. But nailing interviews isn’t a given, far from it. One way to decrease your chances of doing well in an interview is to obediently answer all questions and nothing else. You might think that’s the purpose of an interview, and you’re right, but it’s definitely not the only thing that matters. 

In interviews, it’s very important to ask questions of your employer too. Remember, they might be in the power position of deciding whether or not to hire you, but you bring something to the table as well! They need a good employee, and you might just be exactly what they’re looking for. Asking questions makes you appear more interested in the position and shows that you can think for yourself. It’s also your opportunity to find out as much about the company as possible to make sure they’re the right fit. After all, you need to ensure you’re actually going to enjoy working there. 

Job searches are stressful and require some serious effort at times, but there’s plenty of things you can do to improve your chances. It’s not about grinding away day after day all by yourself, going door to door to hand out resumes, or applying for any old job online that seems like it might suit you. Often, job hunting is about working smarter not harder. And if you’re really struggling to land a position, it certainly might be time for you to consider utilizing a good staffing agency to help you out. 


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