In recent posts, we detailed some of the signs that you are ready for a new challenge and some of the ways that you can make that career change. These mostly involved leaving your current role for something that is a better fit for your desires, but perhaps you like your current employer and would like to get promoted and take on new challenges from within. Here are some important pieces of advice to help you work your way into a new promotion!

Be Consistent and Reliable

Two traits of a high-quality employee are consistency and reliability. This means showing up to work on time, being attentive in meetings and producing regular, high-quality work. You own up to your mistakes and lead by example. It is easy to spot a guy who slacks off at work and does not really care about the quality of his work. Become a leader in this regard and not just another average employee if your long term interest is moving up within the company. 

Voice Your Opinion

With a promotion comes new leadership responsibilities. You are likely to be in charge of more people and more projects. If you are unable to clearly voice your opinion and communicate with your team members you are likely going to struggle in a prominent leadership role. Focus on improving your communication skills and opening up with your fellow team members.

Show Leadership Expertise

Communication is a major part of being a strong leader, but it is not the only thing. Leaders must be knowledgeable about the company and its products or services. They understand the importance of developing strong relationships with all their bosses and coworkers. They take charge of major projects and help their coworkers when things get tough. There are a variety of traits that are inherent in being a good leader.

Show an Interest in Your Work

You should obviously take your work seriously. Especially if you want a promotion, your work needs to be consistently high-quality. A good way to show interest in your work is to offer to help or suggest improvements to the company. These suggestions will be remembered, especially if one of them turns out to be a success for the company.

But showing interest in your work goes beyond the actual work. It involves staying on top of the direction of the company. Where is your company heading? What new products are they launching? What new partnerships are being created? It is not always enough to be an expert on your particular role; you should be focusing on the bigger picture as well.


If you want to get promoted by upper management, you must have a strong relationship with upper management. Start with developing a strong relationship with your boss. Be authentic with this connection; find issues that you already have in common and do not try to ‘suck up’ by being a yes man. Over the course of your time with the company, you will have plenty of other opportunities to get to know other personnel. The same advice holds true with these relationships: be true to yourself. Often times the best way to start building these relationships is to just do good work and be a reliable team member. 

Avoid Drama

This one should go without saying: stay out of work drama and gossip. Talking about employees behind their backs or picking sides in silly work disputes is a good way to tarnish your reputation making it easier for upper management to pass on you for a new promotion. After all, they want someone who can work well with everyone.

Know When The Time Is Right

Do not just expect that you will get the promotion. You need to make yourself a valuable asset to the company before trying to take on larger roles and increased responsibilities. It might help to talk with your coworkers or bosses and ask them for some ways you can improve your work. After focusing on yourself for a while and providing high-quality work for the company for several months or years, you might think you are ready for a promotion. 

If there is a new position available, make it clear that you are interested in the position. If no position is currently available, continue staying on top of your work and developing relationships so you are ready when the call comes your way!

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