For the majority of Americans, the past few months have brought with them a continuous wave of career-related stress and uncertainty about the future. Even those lucky enough to remain employed have likely been wondering to themselves “it’ll be me next.” It seems no one is entirely safe, businesses are closing across the country and non-essential spending has slowed down drastically, preventing anyone without an essential job from earning a steady paycheck.

It’s been said that losing your job is one of the leading causes of stress, the idea that you may no longer be able to provide for yourself or your family can take an unpleasant toll on anyone. During Coronavirus, government aid and benefits have helped ease the worry of millions of Americans. But we’re all wondering what will happen in the future, and how to combat ongoing stress about becoming unemployed. 

How to Deal With a Lack of Job Security

For those who are contract workers, dealing with a lack of job security may not be a new ordeal. There are stressful factors that naturally arise when you don’t work for a company that reliably deposits a paycheck into your account every two weeks. While contract work or self-employment has its many benefits, it does also come with a huge amount of stress, since the downside is that you don’t always know when your next payday will come.

But the good news is there are some tips and tricks you can put into play to counteract the stressors that come with the fear of potentially not having work.

Stay Positive

This is important both if you live with job insecurity or if you are currently employed but fear you won’t be for much longer. It’s very rare these days for people to go their whole career having just a few employers. Most people lose jobs throughout their life, but the key is never to allow yourself to stay down. Always remember to remain positive and get back into the swing of finding a new job if you lose your current one. In fact, many people say that losing a job they thought they couldn’t live without was the best thing that happened to them, as it allowed them to find a better job or follow a new path to a career they enjoyed even more.

Add Value

The best way to prevent yourself from having to find a new job is to keep the one you have however possible. The best way to counteract job insecurity is to work your hardest and add value to your company. Good employees are far less likely to feel that their job is on the line than those who don’t work their hardest. If you know that you put in maximum effort at your current job, it’s likely going to show! Hard work pays off, and it demonstrates to other employees that you’re a valuable asset to the company.

Start a savings account

If things don’t go to plan and you do end up without a job, the best way to take some of the pressure off the situation is to have enough money to fall back on when times get tough. By allowing yourself a financial safety blanket, you give yourself enough time and security to find a new job that you’ll really love. In fact, with a big enough savings account, the loss of a job can even open doors to a different career path, allowing you enough money to survive while you figure out what you want to do.

Stay up to date

Regularly updating your resume is always a good idea. Make sure that your skills and experience stays up to date and that your resume is ready to go should you ever need to start hunting for a new job. Taking classes, courses, or certifications that keep your skills relevant and with the changing times is also an important recommendation. Relevant skills and certifications add more value and increase the jobs that you will be eligible for. 

Don’t wait for jobs to come to you

Be aggressive when hunting for a new job. Good jobs likely won’t just fall in your lap. It’s a good idea to join plenty of job search databases and drop off lots of resumes. Being proactive in a job search and getting your name out there is one of the best ways to be successful. It doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the job market, even if you are currently employed. You might love your current career, but as the past few months have shown, life can be unpredictable, so staying up to date with the labor market is a great way to stay ahead of the game.

Feeling like your job is on the line or worrying about whether you’ll have a paycheck next month can be extremely stressful. The good news is, most of us have been in a similar situation and come out the other side smiling. Keep a positive mindset, stay with the changing times, and prepare yourself for the worst outcome. Losing a job isn’t the end of the world, it’s something that can be worked through with the right mindset and determination. 


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