Getting a job offer is an amazing feeling. You have proved to the employer that you are worthy of the job and that you are the right one for their company. However, deciding on whether or not the company is the right fit for you and committing to the job can take some time. 

When you accept a new job, you are inviting a lot of change into your life, so you have to make sure you are ready for it. Whether you have to relocate, change your lifestyle to align with the expectations of the new job, or prepare for a new pay grade, deciding to accept a new job can be challenging.

Here’s how long you can reasonably take to respond to a job offer without being rude or missing out on the opportunity. 

Take Your Time

A lot of people feel pressured to accept the offer right away out of fear that the opportunity will disappear. However, if the company has decided that you are the best fit for the position, they should be willing to wait a little while for you to decide if they are also the best fit for you. Even if you really like the job, you shouldn’t always take the offer right away. 

Give yourself time to negotiate for higher pay if you need it and to really think about what accepting the job would mean for you. Waiting a little longer to take the opportunity can show that you are serious when it comes to making decisions and that you always want to make the best decision possible. This can make the company take you even more seriously, making you a more desirable candidate. 

Some employers might try to force you to make a decision within 48 hours or less, but oftentimes this is an unreasonable request and is just the company being pushy. 

Sometimes the person offering you the job is being paid more based on how quickly they secure your employment. When this happens, be straightforward and tell them that 48 hours is unreasonable and that you will need more time to make such a big decision.

Asking the company for more time can give you more insight into how the company operates and if they will respect you or not. Employers should always respect you, so seeing if they will give you more time or not will be a big indicator of how they will treat you once you work for them. Keep this in mind when making a simple request like asking for more time to decide on a job offer.

Taking a job offer is a huge decision, so let them know that you need time to consider everything before committing. 

One Week is Standard

Most people only need one week to decide whether or not to accept a job offer. This gives them enough time to consider possibly relocating, to think about if the job is the right fit for them and their lifestyle, to consult with their family and friends, and to think of how the decision will impact everyone around them. 

However, there is no set number of days that a person can take to respond to a job offer. If you need more time to decide, tell the company how long you need. A week may even be too much for you. Some people will decide on the spot and will accept the position right away. This is equally as valid as waiting. Taking only a few days may also be enough for you.

If you do end up needing more time than what you had previously said it would take to decide, that is okay too, but make sure you give a good reason as to why you need more time. The employer should be understanding and should gladly offer you some extra time to think about it.

Once you have made your decision, there is no point in dragging it out. Tell them your decision so you can start your new journey and make the appropriate adjustments. 

It is all up to you to decide how long you need. If you want to be within the standard, take about one week to decide. However, it is completely up to you and based on your wants and needs, so tell your company just how long they can expect to hear a response from you.

Don’t Ask for Permission

If you end up needing more time than the company has offered you to make a decision, tell them how much time you need and when you will get back to them. Do not make it sound like a request because they may push back against you. If they do push back, remind them of how important the decision is and that you need to make sure everyone involved and everything involved is settled before deciding. 

Remember that the employer values you and your time as much as you value theirs, so make sure that you are honest with them and keep them in the loop as you make your decision. Companies are usually more than happy to tell you exactly what you want to know, especially if they want you to work with them. Keeping them informed will help them understand where you’re coming from and they can help you decide if you want to work with them.

Accepting a job is a big decision. Don’t fall into the trap of just accepting the offer on the spot because you are afraid other offers won’t come in or that the company will rescind their offer. Take your time when deciding on something so life-changing, and make sure you make the best decision for yourself.


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