Okay, so you sat down and put together some of your major goals for the new year. Now it is time to get out there and start accomplishing them. For many people, finding a new job or perhaps getting a promotion is at the top of their list. Whether you are unemployed looking for any work or you have had a job for several years but you want something new, a career change is a big step!

Here are some tips to help you accomplish your goal of finding a new job in 2020:

Know what you are looking for

The first step in any job search is… you guessed it… knowing what job to search for! Take some time to think about what type of job you would like to start in the new year. Make a list of job titles and companies that you would be interested in. If you are unsure of what type of job you are looking for, picking up some short term or part-time work through Stand-By Personnel is a great option to stay busy and try new things. You might even land your dream job there!


Networking for blue-collar workers can be laid back and stress-free. If you are on social media, put a post up that describes your work experience and your desire for a new job. Again, be specific. You never know who might see it in their feed. Tell your friends and family about your new interests. They may know about job openings that you are not yet aware of. Or, they may be able to point you in a new direction. Just remember that you do not have to search for a job alone; networking might be the perfect way to find the ideal position.

Prepare your resume and CV

You probably have not looked at your resume or CV in several months, if not years. Take a few minutes to update your resume and CV. Start by adding your latest work experience, education, or new skills. Once you have it updated, you will not have to worry about it when the jobs start opening up.

Make your job search a priority

Your job search likely is not the only thing going on in your life. You have family and friends, hobbies, birthdays or other parties. You are busy. But, if you are serious about finding a new job in 2020, you need to make the job search a priority. Set aside a few minutes every week to search job boards and apply to open positions. Turn notifications on so that you can get the latest openings and any messages you may receive. Or, at the very least, check in on your applications regularly so you don’t miss an important update. 

Clean up and prepare for an interview

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make a good one! If and when the companies start calling, make sure you are ready for the interview. Brush up on proper interview etiquette, get your resume prepared, and dress appropriately. These are the little things that can truly set you apart.

Get the proper education

If you are not pressed for time, it might help to acquire the proper education required for the new position you are looking for. This might be additional safety training or skills necessary for success. Sometimes companies will offer this training for new hirees, but taking the initiative to handle it yourself looks great on your resume. It also makes the transition for the company much easier when they have someone they know is capable. 

Alternatively, you can continue to pick up part-time and other temporary work so that there is not a gap in your resume. However, if you do decide to take some time away from work completely while conducting your job search, we have a guide to help you explain your resume gap

Do not lose hope

Chances are that you will not find your perfect job immediately. It is important to know that the job search may take a few weeks or months if you’re very specific about your new job title. If you are not getting any update on your completed applications, do not lose hope. Stay focused on the long-term vision and remain committed to the job search. If you stay motivated, you will eventually land a new job this year!

Work with Stand-By Personnel

If your goal in the new year is to move up in your career, find a new job, or get started down a new path altogether, Stand-By Personnel is here to help. Our experienced Tulsa staffing agency can help you find full-time or part-time employment. Contact Stand-By Personnel today or text ‘weldingjobs’ or ‘skilledjobs’ to 888-111 to see how we can help you accomplish your new year’s resolution.