While the desire to do one’s best is admirable, high personal expectations can sometimes become unrealistic or impossible, putting them on the path to perfectionism. Pursuing perfectionism isn’t always bad, of course. Research has shown that individuals who always hold themselves to a high standard are engaged and thorough in work environments and motivated for… Read More

No one wants to work in a toxic environment where they need to manage unreasonable deadlines or deal with abusive colleagues. Over time, working in a toxic environment can negatively affect your physical and mental well-being. People who have to deal with a toxic workplace environment are more likely to suffer from increased stress, a… Read More

Regardless of what industry you work in, you will undoubtedly encounter co-workers who are difficult to deal with at some point in your career. These co-workers may be annoying, boring, or even draining, but there is nothing more overwhelming than dealing with narcissistic co-workers. Narcissistic people are marred by insecurity, unable to handle criticism. Narcissists… Read More

Answering an Interview Question, You Don’t Have an Answer To No matter how well you prepare for your job interview, there’s a good chance you’ll be thrown a curveball – a question leaving you stumped, searching for an answer. Are you fully prepared for this to happen? What should you do? Should you admit to… Read More

Five things we say that might accidentally manipulate colleagues. When talking with colleagues, many of us unwittingly nudge them toward our own desired outcome. It is a common form of accidental manipulation that is sometimes the result of our tone, the way we phrase requests, or a combination of both. This subtle, unconscious manipulation usually… Read More

  The start of a new year is the perfect time to start prioritizing yourself. Your health and happiness are most important, so it is good to make plans that will benefit you.  A great place to start is your workplace. Work is a big part of most people’s lives, and the majority of people… Read More

Work can be stressful, especially when you have a lot to do and a lot of projects that need to be completed. You’re not going to want to procrastinate work for too long because you might not have enough time to finish it. It can also be difficult to stay focused on your work. You… Read More

Working with people every day that you might not necessarily get along with can be challenging. It can often prompt people to feel annoyed with one another and to want to say something to that person.  Oftentimes when people do not agree with someone else about a project or with work, they might make a… Read More