The outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic has created a shift in the way that people work, encouraging more individuals and companies to explore their options surrounding an increase in the amount of work that’s done online. For many people, this shift to a more online-based work environment has opened new doors when it comes to expanding their careers. But what about those whose jobs are traditionally fulfilled physically or in-person, with limited options for working online. How can you grow your career in the current climate as a blue-collar professional?

Luckily, despite the fact that so much blue-collar work requires manual labor, there are plenty of ways to expand that don’t involve physical interpersonal connections. Working in the blue-collar industry is one of the best job paths for unlimited advancement. It’s entirely possible to make your own way up the ladder, from hard labor to becoming your own boss. And utilizing tools that you might not typically think of can help massively in your career growth.

Look Into Online Certifications

These days, you can do almost anything via the internet, and this includes getting any necessary certifications. From construction to mechanics, there are online certification programs available that can help you advance your career. For many blue-collar professionals, the expectation is that you’ll have to start at the bottom of the chain and put in hundreds of hours of hard manual labor to build your career. That can be true, and you can certainly still start that way, but online certifications have the potential to allow you to start off higher up the chain of command.

Furthermore, if you’re already working in a blue-collar profession but feel like you’ve hit a dead-end, a degree or online certification could help to boost your career significantly. For example, obtaining an online degree in construction technology could help you advance from construction worker to manager.

Connect with a Staffing Agency

While there may not be as many recruiters out there for blue-collar jobs as there are for white-collar jobs, there are still plenty of staffing agencies looking for skilled tradesmen. Connecting with a staffing agency could be a great way to find a job in your trade that you may otherwise not have known about. If you cast a wide net while searching for the ideal job, the chances are much higher that you’ll land yourself on the right career path. Staffing agencies help connect workers with jobs and clients that could significantly boost their career growth.

Build Your Personal and Professional Network

Networking is just as important for blue-collar professionals as it is for any other career path. Building a solid online presence that allows you to network with other professionals and potential clients can be a game-changer for your career. Online, business-oriented networking sites such as LinkedIn can help you to boost your career by connecting you with jobs, clients, and potential opportunities. It’s also a brilliant way to showcase your skillset and resume online without having to apply for dozens of jobs individually on different websites, which can be redundant and time-consuming. Many blue-collar professionals use online networking as a way of growing their sphere of influence, which can make a serious difference when it comes to landing well-paying jobs. The more people who know about you, the more likely you are to find a fantastic work opportunity.

Another advantage of online networking is the potential it brings for previous clients to leave great reviews about you, your company, or the work that you did. These days, the news doesn’t so much travel by word of mouth as it does by words typed on a keyboard. When potential clients are looking for someone to hire, the chances are high that they’re probably looking online. So having a strong online presence, a large sphere of influence and glowing reviews or feedback can really help to boost your chances of landing an amazing job.

Use the Online World to your advantage

Many blue-collar jobs, such as carpentry or landscaping, make a big impact visually on potential clients. Having a website or online portfolio that showcases your skill set can make all the difference when it comes to landing clients. Even posting pictures of your work on social media can make an impact. Many blue-collar professionals are using social media platforms such as Instagram to create a form of an online portfolio that’s easily viewable by thousands of people. Social media can display your work to potential clients that you may never otherwise have crossed paths with. Being active online allows more people to become familiar with your work, which is a great form of exposure. Using the online world to your advantage can really help to grow your career.

While so many aspects of career-growth, particularly related to the way we work online, is tailored towards white-collar workers, there’s no reason why blue-collar professionals can’t take advantage of them. In fact, the online world lends itself nicely to those who work in the trade or labor industry. By adapting, expanding your skillset, and networking, you can really help to boost your career.


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