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A job is better than no job, but at the same time being happy in your job is better than being miserable at work. There is a saying that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. The more you work, the more likely you are to realize the truth behind such a message. Life is too short to be stuck at a job that you don’t enjoy. We understand that there are always other factors to consider including family, food, housing, cars and bills that need to be paid, but it is always important to consider your own happiness.

Here are 10 red flags that may warn you it is time to look for new opportunities:


You found a new job or have been offered a new job

Just because you are offered a new job does not mean that you should take it, but if the new job excites you by all means go for it! Maybe the new job comes with better pay which is a huge plus, or perhaps the new job offers a new challenge that you are excited about. We do not want to overlook the importance of loyalty to a particular company or team, but if the opportunities are there for you, take them!


You find no meaning in your current role

Companies and teams work best when all the members are working cohesively towards a common goal. They all have a significant purpose within their company. Perhaps you feel that your role is no longer important or you just can not seem to figure out the value of your hard work. In this case, you can do one of two things: talk to your boss in an effort to increase your role or perhaps apply your hard work elsewhere.


The work you do is not challenging

This one is similar to number 2 (no meaning in your work), but perhaps you know the value of your work but you just do not feel challenged enough. Routines can help you become more efficient, but if the routine you fall into is your career it may be disastrous. It is always important to feel that your work is challenging and not making a robot out of you. Again start by asking your boss for different roles and if that does not work try looking elsewhere.


You count down the days till the weekend every week

Your weekends should be fun, but 5/7th of your life is spent Monday-Friday. You can not overlook the importance of these 5 days. Finding a job that excites you about your week more than or just as much as the weekend will lead to a happier life. If your work has you dreading the shift then that work may not be for you.

Stand By Personnel

You are no longer interested in the work

People’s interests change over time. If you start at a job you enjoy and realize 5, 10 or 20 years later that you are no longer passionate about the work, it may be time to move on. Maybe this means a slightly different line of work or a complete 180-degree change. Either way, passion is important to have in your work.


You do not enjoy your boss or your coworkers

There is another saying that goes something like this: “show me your 5 best friends and I will show you your future.” Maybe your boss and coworkers are not your best friend but you will spend a lot of time with them nonetheless. If they are not positively affecting your mood, then they are negatively affecting your future. Often times anger or frustration at the workplace is taken home and begins to affect other areas of your life. Surround yourself with positively uplifting people!


The company is heading in the wrong direction

Either financially or morally, if your company is heading in the wrong direction it may be time to leave. What is the point in staying with a company that is starting to fail? And, if your company has started making decisions that you do not agree with on a moral level, you should not feel obligated to remain with them.

Stand By Personnel

Major Life changes

If you or your family have made a major change you, an employment change may be necessary as well. Buying a new house, starting a family, relocating or going back to school are all major reasons that you may want to leave your job to either attend to the new concerns or find a job more suitable to your new conditions.


Hazardous work conditions

Certainly, your workplace will have safety manuals and training to make the area around you safer (Read: What to include in your workplace safety kit). If not then that is definitely a red flag to move on. But there are certain safety concerns that may be too hard to avoid: working in loud places can damage your hearing, dirty areas can hurt your lungs and staring at a computer screen all day can damage your eyes. If you feel that your job is taking a major toll on your health you should start looking for new opportunities.


Your gut instincts

Your gut always seems to know best. If it is telling you that something is off and that you may be happier leaving and looking for a new job you should trust it and start looking at other options.

Stand By Personnel

In all of these cases, it is important to look at the pros and cons of each decision. Just because one of these signs presents themselves does not mean you should quit your job, just that you may want to start looking for alternative options.

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