When times get tough, people lose their jobs. Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to leave the majority of the country worried about the future, particularly in regards to employment. Fortunately, all is not lost for blue-collar workers. In fact, several well-paying blue-collar jobs are considered to be “recession-proof”. It’s not uncommon for skilled labor work to continue to be a necessity even as the economy faces a shutdown. Such careers generally tend to defy the rollercoaster ride that the economy is on, providing employees with reasonable job security even during tough economic times.

Police Officers

Not unsurprisingly, working as a police officer is a job that will always be in demand. Whether or not the economy is being positively or negatively affected, law enforcement will always be a necessity. While a certain precinct may pump the brakes on hiring in the middle of a recession, those who are already employed should be safe in retaining their current jobs. It might be unfortunate that crime is something we will always have to deal with, but it’s good news for those who rely on enforcing the law to make ends meet. Plus, no one wants to add insult to unjust during hard times by laying off police officers and risking crime spikes.

Fire Fighters

Just like police officers, this is a job that will remain steady no matter what the economy is doing. Fires don’t stop just because there’s a recession (neither do medical emergencies or cats getting stuck in trees). In fact, vacant buildings are at a significantly higher risk of catching on fire. And guess what? There are more vacant buildings during a recession. 

Healthcare Workers

Yet another recession-proof career choice. While this particular time is a difficult and scary one for healthcare workers (and we thank them for their service) they’re one of the few working groups who have been able to grind away steadily throughout the pandemic. During any time of economic hardship, people will always need the assistance of healthcare practitioners. 

Moving Services

During a good economy and a bad economy, people will always be moving. Although the circumstances under which they move might be different, providing moving or relocation services is a steady gig. In a good economy, people are upgrading to bigger homes or find themselves in good financial positions to be able to relocate. During more difficult times, loan defaults and evictions keep moving professionals hard at work. 

Utility Workers

Lights need to stay on and water needs to stay running. Utilities are far too important to shut down, no matter what the circumstances. That’s why being a utility worker is a fairly recession-proof job to work in. When the economy is struggling, the first jobs to go certainly aren’t those who keep the power on, maintain electricity lines, or make sure the water is flowing freely. 

Sanitation Workers

Just like utility workers, we all still need to dispose of our trash and waste regardless of economic status. Maintaining a job as a sanitation worker should be fairly easy despite what the economy is doing.

Hospice Workers

The elderly or ill will always need care, and they certainly don’t deserve to lose out just because of the state of the economy. Unfortunately, those who care for the old or the dying are relatively immune to economic fluctuations due to the nature of their work. There will always be people who are reaching the end of their lives.


Pipes leak and get blocked in good times or bad. That’s all there really is to say about this recession-proof career choice. 

Corrections Workers

Jails and prisons are some of the few places that operate entirely as normal during downturns of the economy. No matter what’s going on in the outside world, there will be people in prison and there will be those who are required to watch over them.

Grocery Store Workers

This is a job that actually fairs well during a poor economy. Why? Well, because when times are a little tough, people tend to eat at home far more than eating out. This means that it’s not uncommon for grocery stores to see a spike in business during a recession. At the end of the day, people need to eat, and they will forgo restaurants in favor of cooking at home when the economy is bad.

Any individual, in any job, can feel the negative effects of a poor economy. However, it’s good news that there are jobs out there that stand the test of a recession. If you’re concerned about your current job or are looking for employment that provides better security, consider one of the above blue-collar careers. 


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